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EST; Landmark Forum; Landmark Education

Landmark Education wrote to me, objecting because I have these articles listed on this site. They claim that they are not a cult and therefore demand that they be removed for this reason. This I will not do. I have a disclaimer posted on this site which clearly states my position regarding the organizations listed. Most of the articles regarding Landmark/Forum/EST are anecdotal - subjective experiences of others who have been through the Landmark/Forum/EST experience. They are provided to give an alternate viewpoint to that found on their own website.

I reiterate what is said on our opening page: Just because a group is mentioned on this site does not mean we regard it as a destructive cult. Both Cults and Isms are listed to provide information for those seeking the downside of many of these movements. If the writers of the articles refer to Landmark as a cult, we take no responsibility for this. It is the opinion of the writers based on their own personal experience.

Jan Groenveld                      

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