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Seventh Day Adventistism

The articles that are available in this section were accurate at the time that they were posted. However, in the years since the Seventh Day Adventist church has made great improvements and this is to be commended. (Your mileage may still vary.)

The articles remain published here as a historical record and also as a source of information for anyone who may still require it.

Day of Atonement of the Karaite Jews in 1844
"From Controversy to Crisis: An Updated Assessment of Seventh-day Adventism"
What day did early Christians worship on?
Revelation of Jesus Christ? Or from Jesus Christ?
Seventh Day Adventism and the LAW
Is the Sabbath Binding on Christians Today?
The Sabbath and Sunday - Common Misunderstandings:
Ellen G. White Prophetess of The Seventh-Day Adventists
The Bible And Ellen G White
Obsessed with Sabbath?
Leaving the Garden: On Being An Ex-Adventist
Facts Seventh-day Adventists Won't Tell You at Their Seminars
Some Dangers of Legalism
Did Ellen G. White Violate the Copyright Laws of Her Day?
Introduction to and Background History of the Seventh-day Adventist 1844 Investigative Judgment Doct
The 1844 Investigative Judgement Doctrine
Shall It Be Grace or Sin?
Ellen G. White's Position in the Adventist Church
Similarities Between White's Suppressed 1880 Edition of "Life Sketches" and (*** needs work)
Letter From Doctor W. S. Sadler to Ellen G. White
Letter From A. T. Jones to Mrs. E.G. White
Ellen G. White Letter to Joseph Bates 1847
When Was the "Day of Atonement in 1844"?
False Prophetess Plagiarist
Seventh-day Adventist Teach Jesus Blood Defiles
1844 -- Is It Prophetic?
The Meat Of The Adventist Health Message
Seventh Day Adventism Renounced by Elder D M Canright
Seventh Day Adventism and the Writings of Ellen G White
The Cultic Doctrines of Seventh Day Adventism
Ellen G White Contradicts Herself
What did the Earliest Christians Believe?
Official Belief is Mark of Beast = Sunday Worship
The Real Reason they Keep the Sabbath
Seventh Day Adventists - Are they Christian?
Seventh Day Adventist Church Profile
Seventh Day Adventists Believe. ...
Seventh Day Adventists