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Little Pebble

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‘Writing’ the wrongs (journo writes book on Little Pebble)
Cult rapist loses appeal
'Little Pebble' remains a criminal
Little Pebble Faces New Charges
Girl 'told sex with mystic was God's will'
Cult leader faces child sex charges
Little Pebble seduced 14-y-o, court told
Australian cult leader given more prison time for second sexual abuse
Cult leader jailed for more sexual abuse
Cult leader gets extra four years
Little Pebble's cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre 'bam bam' ritual
Cult leader loses child sex conviction appeal
Cult leader a child sex offender
William's Spiritual Advisoor
Other Fake Popes
The Pope Has Spoken (Adultery)
William, the Next Pope
William Kamm Crucified - heading for glory?
The death of "Thornbush" in Canada
Comet Hale-Bopp and the "Great Chastisement
The Virgin Mary, Digital Wristwatches and the Anti-Christ
UFO's, Lemuria, Noah, the Bermuda Triangle, Time Travel and the Virgin Mary
1998 and martyrdom
Press Release
More exhortations to martyrdom
Letters concerning current events from William (Updated 5th December 1998!)
The Virgin Mary's views on Smoking
1998 and "End Times"
Holy Moses!, the Chastisement of Wollongong, and more.
Poisoned Waters
Two New Letters From William
Pray for the Astronauts
More "William as Pope" Stuff
Leave the Cities, More Chastisements
Five months to go, Angels disguised as monkeys
More Trouble for Australia
William gives us a date! (well, sort of)
Royal House of David, and Changing the Aussie Flag
William's Last Message?
Digital Watches, Hale-Bopp, and a dead person asks to be dug up
Australia's Biggest "Doomsday" Cult
General Prophecies