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Jehovah's Witnesses - History
Jehovah's Witnesses Elder Pleads for Mercy
Jehovah's Witnesses and THE Apostacy
Some Older Teachings which make you Smile
Watchtower Publications Info
A Decided Lack of Ethics in the Watchtower Society
Does the Watchtower Really Want you to 'Make Sure of All Things'?
Did the Watchtower Really Remain Neutral During World War 2?
Blacks and the Watchtower
What Happened At The World Hdqtrs In The Spring Of 1980?
Is the Watchtower Society God's Organization?
Does God Work Through an Organization?
A Young JW Argues from Scripture Against doing Door-To-Door Witnessing
Who Is Responsible For Watchtower Errors?
Danger At Your Door!
Facts Jehovah's Witnesses Won't Tell You When They Call At Your Door
Koresh & The Watchtower Society
Cult or Ministers of God? by David Reed (Worse than Waco!)
Jehovah's Witnesses Told to Breach Confidentiality by David Reed
Bible Students - A short History
The Ultimate Rape
Astrology & The Watchtower Society
Lies my 'Mother' Told Me
The Watchtower Way of Laundering Money
Flashes of Light
The Watchtower Society Encourages Lying
Why Do They Lie? A Letter you MUST read! This is blatant lying to a Government!
Watchtower Info about New Light on Military Service
Major Proposal to the Governing Body Reveals True Cost of Watchtower Publications (* interna links)
Submission to the Governing Body from their Pressroom Overseer
The Incredible Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses!
Letter to the Governing Body from Randall Watters
False History of the Watchtower Society
A History of the "Donation Arrangement" ( * internal links)
Avoiding Taxes Watchtower Style
Check the Trinity Booklet References. Incredible!!
About Military Service!
The Punishment Vibe
Jehovah: Ancient Astronaut from the Pleiades?
Jehovah's Witnesses: Disfellowshipping And Shunning - Canadian Parliament Report
The Watchtower & The Spirit Medium
Flashing Light!!!!!
Questions for the four sets of issues: Spiritism, True Worship, United Worship, the Wild Beast
How many Jehovah's Witnesses, Really?
Degeneration Of The Baptisimal Vows
How is Life Inside Watchtower Headquarters? - James Penton (*pics internal)