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Former Exclusive Brethren

These stories are as collected by Dick Wyman on his pioneering web site regarding the Exclusive Brethren.  As Dick wrote ...

There are many different ways to leave the brethren. Some that come to mind are:

  • As part of a "great wave", such as those that left with G. R. Cowell over the eating issue, and those that left after the Aberdeen incident.

  • To be ejected or "withdrawn from" against one's own wishes for something one has said or done.

  • To leave because one has become convinced that brethren teachings are wrong and un-repairable.

  • Other reasons.

I think a collection of stories on the subject of leaving the brethren might contain many ideas and suggestions for those persons still inside who would like to leave but for whom the unknowns are too forbidding to compel action.

— Dick Wyman 

An anonymous story
The story of Jessie Worden
The story of Peter
The story of John & Priscilla Besley, Paignton, England
The story of Russ McDonald in Canada
The story of Eleanor Osman
Why I left (us) by Priscilla Besley
The story of Dick Wyman