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General Information
Questions for Cult Recruiters
Myths and Facts About Cult Involvement
Danger Signs in Cults
Some Persuasive Techniques Used by Cults
The Battle for Your Mind
The Armageddon Syndrome
The Theory of Cognitive Dissonace
The Family Connection: When a cult may not be your worst enemy
Do cults follow the same patterns?
The B.I.T.E Method
It's too perfect
Identifying a Cult
Healthy Faith vs Unhealthy Faith
What to do if you have a cult member in your family
Read This First (Disclaimer)
Clinical Update on Cults
References to Research in Coercive Persuasion
Signs of Involvement in Spiritually Abusive Bible-Based Group
Recovery from Spiritual Abuse - How You Can Help
The Secret of Successful Ministry
Avoiding Churches That Abuse
Unity & Conforminty: Why on Cults Seem to Achieve It.
Comments by Father Kent Burtner
Pick A Cult out of the Crowd
Unholy Devotion: Why Cults Lure Christians
Shopping for a Custom Made God
Personality Disorders Resulting from Physical & Emotional Abuse
Reflections on Child Custody and Cults
Cults on Campus
Common Myths about Cult Involvement
What Qualifies as Extreme or Extremist
Exloding the Myths about 'Joining' Cults
Interview with Exit Counsellor: Rick Ross
Scripture Twisting Tactics of the Cults
Antidote for Cult Recruitment
Responsible Spiritual Leadership
Joining the Cult Club - How People Get Sucked In
Are You A Candidate For A Cult? Take This Test
Handling Cult Recruiters
Beware that Friendly Invitation
Toxic Love
Recommended Reading
Destructive Manipulative Sects/Cults
VIDEO: How To Start A Cult
The art of persuasion - telling it like it is
(Love Israel) "Documentary" about Washington cult more like "infomercial."